Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Birthing

I never considered for a moment that I would take the time to blog. I mean isn't there already enough information out their on Internet? What possibly could I add to the conversation that hasn't already been discussed, dissected, revisited, revised, reconstructed, redone, rehashed, renamed, reworked, etc...and truly this list (given my love of the human language) could go on and on forever. Nevertheless, something in me would not rest until I found a way to release all of the random bits of insight that resided within me. I had to find a way to share how and in what way this world has impacted my life, my thinking and even my way of being. My husband will surely be glad to learn that he no longer has to endure my constant babbling about what I had learned or discovered over the course of our brief eight hour separation; and so my journey begins. As I begin this journey, which I am sure will surprise me more than it will any one of you (who decide to read my thoughts) I pray that you will occasionally stop by to see how things are going and that in your brief visit you will have been challenged to see something in a new way, reconsider a thought, be provoked to want to know more or just learn something new.

Until next time,

First time Blogger

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