Thursday, June 25, 2015

And the journey begins...

I'm at the end of my first year as principal and one would think, after such a roller coaster like year, that I'd be longing for the lazy days of summer. But I'm not! I'm actually looking forward to next school year: the students and yes, even the teachers! 

Why do I have this impatient expectation of the upcoming school year? Simple, a new year brings new opportunities. Another year to build, repair and start new relationships with everyone who is fortunate enough to have a hand in helping students prepare for the unknowns tomorrow is sure to bring. 

So how does one prepare for what they have deemed the best of many years to come? One day at a time. You read as much as you can, using your weaknesses as your guide post. You reach out and up to those who have weathered the storm of leading a school from good to great and ask them for help. You admit when you are wrong and always leave room for change, knowing that every great idea can be improved upon, yes even yours!