Friday, October 21, 2016

I May Have Left the Classroom, But I Still Have Students

The number of times I have written and deleted the first sentence of this post are too numerous to count and the reason behind the struggle escapes me. I guess, as I reflect on the three short months I have been the Principal of MJHS, I hate to admit that I forgot this one simple truth: that even though I am no longer in the classroom, I still have students. My teachers are my students and just like the kids I did teach, they have their own unique gifts, talents, and strengths that need to be sharpened and developed if they are going to reach their full potential. 

My quest to find research that would help me become a teacher of teachers turned up absolutely nothing. Even so, the time spent Googling my topic was not in vain, as I did find a very intriguing blog post in Connected Principals. This post titled, Principals ARE Teachers presents a very strong argument about why principals should teach one or two classes as part of their daily responsibility and uses our passion for teaching as the number one reason we should.

While I cannot say that teaching a one or two ELA classes is in my immediate future, I must agree that I am bursting with excitement every time an opportunity to cover or teach a class is open for me. I enjoy the time I have with the students and I love how covering a class allows me to escape the looming deadlines and must dos awaiting me in my office.

Please do not get me wrong, I accept the reality of my current situation. I accept the fact that my classroom now consists of approximately thirty plus adults learners who need me just as much as my students did. Even so, I am at a loss for where to begin and that is the reason for this post. I am reaching out to you, my fellow educators and mentors, seeking both feedback and guidance for how to truly become the leader/teacher my staff needs.

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