Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Out of the Box, Where True Success Lives

Some time ago I wrote a post about the power of a PLN. My post talked about how individuals I have never met are helping me grow and learn in ways I never thought possible and it was my attempt at encouraging others to join and utilize this new and exciting resource. Today, I saw yet again the power of my PLN. I saw how one simple post resulted in some many new ideas and ways of seeing and knowing. Today, I received guidance from administrators both near and far. People who took time away from their already busy schedules to help me effectively resolve an issue that could not and should be resolved alone. 

So what exactly did they help me with?

They helped me find a lifeline for my dying PTO. They helped me see why it wasn't time to throw in the hat. Why moving beyond the box experience and tradition had placed me in could result in greater parent participation and involvement. 

So what exactly did members from Facebook's BSA suggest?

They suggested that I...

  • Invite students to perform
  • Handout student acknowledgments: Character Counts, Academic Awards, etc.
  • Host short meetings during the football and basketball halftime shows
  • Provide food

  • While I realize that this list does not contain all the many great things I am sure other schools are doing to get their parents involved, this list is a start. And as a result of this fresh wind, I am even more motivated today than I was in the past to breathe life into our school's PTO. 

    Thank you BSA, for your continued support! It is because of great administrators like you, that I am forever a work in progress!

    Until next time...

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