Tuesday, November 22, 2016

School Uniforms and the Prison Mentality

Had a brief conversation with a colleague regarding school uniforms. Although the conversation was not planned, the realization of how far apart our thinking was on the whole issue is the reason for this post. You see, I am a firm believer that uniforms in the public school setting prepares our children not for work and career but for prison. I believe  this because the semblance of order that many proponents of the school uniform movement say occurs after their adoption is never really achieved. 

  • Students still find a way to pick on those who are less fortunate or different than they are.  
  • Class disruption remains the number one discipline issue today. 

Why? Because uniforms don't hide those who have not from those who do. And more importantly, these policies don't create equity or draw students attention from those "less important" aspects of school like socialization. 

Were uniforms easy for me to manage as the parent, absolutely. But even that is not a good enough reason to mandate them. And let's not forget that a majority of these policies are in effect in geographical areas where the SES is at or below the poverty level and their is a high minority demographic. 


Ladies and gentleman, let's not ignore the obvious and let's call a spade a spade. Our schools today look more and more like minimum security prisons than schools. And we are to blame. We've allowed this monstrosity and we have convinced ourselves and the public we serve that this is right for kids. Are kids any safer today with their uniforms than they were yesterday? Are students more focused on their studies than their peers? No, they are not! And for this reason something has to change and that change needs to happen now. 

The picture chosen for this post was not haphazardly selected. I just want to know if you see what I see?

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