Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why I am Adding My Twitter Handle and my Blog Domain to My Resume and Business Cards

After much thought and consideration, I believe the next logical step for my resume is to add both my Twitter handle and my blog domain names to it. The reason I am strongly considering this is simple, I want potential employers to see that my passion for education extends beyond the four walls of my respective institution. 

I want them to know that...

  1. the person I am on paper is simply a portion of who I am in total.  
  2. I hold both myself to the same standards I expect of those I am charged with leading to meet.
  3. my passion for learning and growing as an educator is not limited to an occasional district or regional office training and has nothing to do with meeting the often low requirements of my state's recertification process. 
  4. my growth as an educator is a daily adventure that I have placed a high priority upon.  
  5. as a result, I have had the distinct privilege of connecting with other learners from around the world who not only share my passion for learning but challenge me to grow beyond that which I am comfortable. 

And if the reasons given above are not great reasons to add these taglines to your resume, then consider this, most evaluation instruments from Danielson to Marzano to my state's Performance Standards for School Leaders have an area set aside to rate one's contribution to the profession. Which means, there is an expectation that we are contributing to the conversation on some level, and it has been my experience that excellence and or distinguished is something that only awaits those who make this a regular and consistent practice. 

So for those of you who are not yet comfortable with this approach, I do understand. As my decision to share this part of myself with those considering me for employment could backfire. Especially, if they find after reading a few of my post or Tweets, that our philosophy of education does not mesh. Even so, I will not let this stop me from doing what I believe is the next step for me in the development of a more accurate and progressive resume and business card. 

Until next time....

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